Me on the map

I consist of layers. Each one comes from a different place in the world. I am a collage of landscapes, languages and cultures. I owe them the depth and multiplicity of feeling. Each of the points on the map is in a way my cradle. I feel like the world’s citizen. I am an actor.

NEW YORK NYC-openness
New York is an important place for an English-speaking actor. There I first experienced Method acting, in the Lee Strasberg Institute. This was the turning point in my thinking about acting. New York for me is a personal experience of both, multiculturalism and intense work - during the Fringe Festival as well as with African American youth in the Bronx.
TEL AVIV Tel Aviv-identity
The dream I wrote down on a small paper and put into the crevices of the Western Wall has just come true.
BUDAPESZT Budapest-the beginning
Hungarian is the first language I forgot. My dad and sister live there.
MADRYT Madrid-return
Spain brought me up and now the Spanish guy brings up my daughter.
AVIGNON Avignon-discipline
With Druga Strefa Theatre we had 23 performances of Fin de... Hard work and persistence had been appreciated. The show received the special Le Coup de Coeur Award of Avignon OFF Festival 2009.
PARYŻ Paris-experience
Europe Will Art You Project 2013.
BERLIN Berlin-change
Workshops of the Grotowski Method showed me a different perspective on acting. It was also a turning point in thinking of self-improvement.
On tour with Giovanni, the performance directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna in TR Warszawa.
On tour with Giovanni, the performance directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna in TR Warszawa.
WARSAW Warsaw-reality
Here I obtained the acting diploma and graduated from English studies. I worked with such Polish directors as Agnieszka Glińska, Krzysztof Rogulski, Maciej Kowalewski and Maciej Ślesicki. Here I’m bringing up my daughter Emma.